Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ka Hong Wedding Dinner

Yes, it's my cols big day becoming someone husband edy hehe. Mr Ka Hong as you can see in the pic most handsome guy wearing tuxedo and the shinning cloth wrapped his waist ( i dont know what it call - lol).

Well It was held at the oversea restaurant at amcorp mall PJ..
We reach there arnd 7.15pm after stucked in KL for almost 1 hour. A few times decided to stop any neareast LRT station and take lrt to Taman Jaya , wher the place only 5 mins walk. ahha..but anyhow we still go on with driving.=)

So.. Lip Khin( 4th from left), shane (3rd from right ) and me among the earliest to arrive and met with li li whom are smart enough to take LRT ( which is our initial plan =P) . So having said that, reach early was was plus coz u can have a kinda good seats but definetely suffering enough as we have to wait for the rest of the guest to arrive. So, while waiting , we whacked the kacang, then the table gift biscuits coz v are so hungry aha.

Around almost 9pm only started the 1st dish.. fuhh.. i can tell all already over- hunger as 1st dish we also cant finish and the speed was slow aha.. mayb tummy already full of suetchar or air . aha. kay. Yups as v know oversea dishes was not bad so it was not disappointing long wait as it was good foods we have arnd 8 to 9 dishes.

It ended around 10.30pm.. and all with happy and big smile on the everyone faces at my tables. =>> SO it worth the Angpows AfterALL =)

Happy Family Man Ka Hong. Wish you have a happily everafter marriage and next year hope to attend your 1 baby full moon celebration . hehe =')


Anonymous said...

Haha... remember how many times we asked the driver if he regrets driving? But i guess he got the last laugh when we had to sit tehre and listen to almost 1 and half hour of First Love nonstop... blehhh.....


Raykziee said...

haha. yeayy. if only we can records down all our conversation for d 1 hour ride. Should be darn funny if can hear it again aha =)

YEah.. First LOve... aha will become our not so 1st love long afterall yeahh.. aha. almost 2 hours listening to it.. about 24 repeating the same song.. aha.

I can sing edy.. Ya Ya Ya... No No no.. ahah.. but it was fun though =)

clare ^_~ said...

when is ur turn???
i waitin ooo...

Anonymous said...

When it's ur turn to throw wedding dinner we'll be comparing ang pow money again.. thhis time with kah hong! Haha... THAT was funny too!


Raykziee said...

to clare.. aha my turn ka..noti2 ah u.. but i like.. sure after u lor.. i respectto u 1 mer.. oo.. ladies 1st . gak2.. =P

to shane..1 more noti2 gurl also.. well. i already on my way to become monk, dats y taking vege once a week for the preparation body,soul and sum say physically cleaned .huhu..