Sunday, September 23, 2007

Skytrekinng rocksxx @ Bkt Cahaya~~

Wohho.. nice2.. went on sunday morning and all gears looking darn leng jai edy.. up for the skytrekking yeyys.

Mostly was rope courses involved as it was the main equipments to moved you arnd. The gears are harness , tuli , hooks..well v used it alots to stay alive in on top of trees =)

It tooks us arounds 1 hours to finishd whole courses , like climb ladder to 5 storey high tree , walk the wooden steps , hang and wing from rope to another like monkeys aha and fo coz our favs flying fox.. and there was arnd 3 times v did flying fox. wohhhoo.. =)

Will highly recommends to those who loves natures with full of exhilarating and exciting adventures =) It's gonna be a thrills of your lifetime coz it was for us.. Wohoo. SIOKKnye!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ka Hong Wedding Dinner

Yes, it's my cols big day becoming someone husband edy hehe. Mr Ka Hong as you can see in the pic most handsome guy wearing tuxedo and the shinning cloth wrapped his waist ( i dont know what it call - lol).

Well It was held at the oversea restaurant at amcorp mall PJ..
We reach there arnd 7.15pm after stucked in KL for almost 1 hour. A few times decided to stop any neareast LRT station and take lrt to Taman Jaya , wher the place only 5 mins walk. ahha..but anyhow we still go on with driving.=)

So.. Lip Khin( 4th from left), shane (3rd from right ) and me among the earliest to arrive and met with li li whom are smart enough to take LRT ( which is our initial plan =P) . So having said that, reach early was was plus coz u can have a kinda good seats but definetely suffering enough as we have to wait for the rest of the guest to arrive. So, while waiting , we whacked the kacang, then the table gift biscuits coz v are so hungry aha.

Around almost 9pm only started the 1st dish.. fuhh.. i can tell all already over- hunger as 1st dish we also cant finish and the speed was slow aha.. mayb tummy already full of suetchar or air . aha. kay. Yups as v know oversea dishes was not bad so it was not disappointing long wait as it was good foods we have arnd 8 to 9 dishes.

It ended around 10.30pm.. and all with happy and big smile on the everyone faces at my tables. =>> SO it worth the Angpows AfterALL =)

Happy Family Man Ka Hong. Wish you have a happily everafter marriage and next year hope to attend your 1 baby full moon celebration . hehe =')

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Double Trouble Car Problems.

on 05/09/07 , suppose to be my MC day where I can rest after c'ing doc but turn out to be a car tyre punctured day. Darn .. already so weak, gotto jack up the car, jumping like monkey to unlock the tyre nats . haha.. take out the spares from boot.. fuhh. it was arnd 12pm.. Imagine., Sun right above your head.. Happening Heat wei.. =(

Well I managed to chg it within around 20 mins. It's fast? slow? or average. haha..
After done , the feeling was all greasy, oily, sweaty.. and eii .. if ya know what i meant.
So after checking the tyres , there was no any evidence of punctured mark or nail on it, so hopefully js that the tube burst only . Still havent go and check it though. hihi.. well need a rest mer.. sakit ni. sob. sob..

Then yesterday, when goin back home.,my car meter was gila2 1.. so fuel tanks was showed blinking lights as it gonna empty soon . Normally it still can last about 30km i guess , just nice to go kj lrt and come back . Unfortunately, it cant last just another 2km more to reach the petrol station in kesas highway. =p.. Darn Shooot.. aha lucily got a biker gave me a ride and get the supply. Alrites , i gotto walk back to my cars afterthat in the highway. . its been a while since i did that . lolz

So, fuels top up in car, ready to go , I was starting the ignition key.. guess what, the battery kong.. uwaaaa.. darn sueyyy.. about 10 mins the Kesas Patrol Truck arrived . Before that I already called my buddy , shen z to SOS as he's nearby . So while waiting, v tried to jumpstart the car but failed. . Shen z arrive 5 mins later and add in battery water kasi full2 , earlier left arnd 3/4 la.. but still failed to start.

The Funny thing , 1 tow car standby at opposite of the highway already.. power, they got 6th sense.. haha . Well after about 15 mins of dont know what's wrong with it , decided to call workshop towman. Then come already ma towed it away to workshop 1 at 1st in KK but the towman named asmawi was a nice guy and go to petrol station and fix it there. Walla ..he checked this n that , recharge the battery and start the engine.. Vroommmssss.. ahah.. Thx God..

Turn out the battery really weak, nyawa2 ikan edy.. gotto chg it FASTTT!!
So lesson to be learn are always remember to fill in fuel.. dont.wait last mins. and always jaga your battery water. okok. promise2. =p

Aza Aza Fighting @~~

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bones Breaking Thai Message

Well , on Sat. afternoon last week, I went to Summit Usj With Nick & Shen Z jalan2 cuci mata.. and decided to try out the Thai message at the Thai Fair. So we went in and take the rm35 for full body / hr ( with clothes on of coz - i know what you guys start to thinking ) and was getting ready to have a relaxation message.
Mana tau, my massuer was a fat lady , I waz like habissss.. aha.. shen z and nick all the way laughing la coz theirs 1 half of her size. According to Shen Z , nick massuer was good la coz last time he came and had her. We are actually next to each other only , so by looking at my expression , tells it all.

So the along the massage process , I was making all sorts of noises. haha.. cant control macho anymore.. felt like all the bones at my limbs was smashed 1 by 1. Then as for back messages , the massuer was standing on top of my back whom weight arnd 100kg.. . At that time , I was numb till wanna scream also no voice comes out. ahah... Face was red till like bloods wanna burst out from all the pores in the body.. ahah..

Luckily I was able to come out in 1 piece and to you now aha. I had a nice nap afterthat ,so it showed the techniques was correct as it really relaxed you body .but the pain might be too much for me too handle. haha.

okais.. happy having message session whenever you free coz its feels gooooddd!
remember No pain No Gain ='>

Aza Aza Fighting. ~

piece of thoughtful gift..

Yups its my name there.. a gift from a from a someone that is so thoughtful i shud say ( u know who you are ) .. =)
So i decided to share it here and specially dedicated to that person. =>
Well , Thx Ya. I Like It Very MUch!
Hope can get from ya again next year =p
Aza Aza Fighting @~~