Sunday, April 13, 2008

Company Anual dinner '08

Held on 28/03/08 at Crowne Plaza, KL.
walking distance from KLCC . Well it's the theme 70's & 80's , that's y u can c our attire was so oldies , retro. and hippiezz.. lolz
Thx to shane for borrowing the afro , I look cool yey, but so aint look like 1 hell of afro guy, just look like the hyde in 70's Show .

Well, it was nice buffets dishes and deco and interior was up to standard. D group photo below was d craziee fellas colls sitting same table and waz havin blast time. huhu. performance was okay la with the Jgn Ketawa Guy always address as girl 1 . dont know what his name tho. aha

All was aiming for the 42 " plasma panasonic tv.. grand lucky draw which happened at almost 12 midnight ahaha . a lady from HR won it i guess aha.

Had fun , rilexs time , crazies moment. enjoying nonstop entertainment and laughters . A Joyful nite indeed. BTW, js for info. i was fall sick for 5 days afterthat.. darn sufferedszzz. haha

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

X'mas @ Genting '07

Ho Ho Ho.. it's d 2nd year in a row celebrating X'mas eve in genting wif buddies !!! Well as normal pop error driving again , hehe. coz our car all x boleh pakai 1. . but suprisingly not
jam when goin up js that d parking
waz all full . Reached at top arnd 11:55pm ehe. earlier than last yr after countdown only sampai . ahah.. then found parking at the illegal place
gotto bribe d security guard =P..

Well so many ppls around ... but no firework tis yr coz uncle Lim js kaotim so his son say no lo.. as sign of respect but New year there will be la according to the guard there. =D

So , it was nice feeling the coolins air blowing , it
s freezing cold.. mist surrounds us.. so many ppl around blocking d roads singing , shouting, blowing whistle, human trains running around .. haha.. it waz fun, taking photo's.. then later v went to d lover's park wif all our's supplies and boozes, wohhhoo.. apalagi all hungry de. ma whacks kao2. .. ehe. looking at the kl city beneath =).. very nice and Cheng =')

alrites.. It was an awesome time , coz esp. when good close buddies is arounds and hav fun time together. Well, v plan to do it again nx year. huhu.. Ho Ho HO , Have A Merry X'mas Y'All!! aza aza fighting @~~

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mr Anil's Wedding

Yes it is. Mr Anil Big wedding days last sunday. arrived at 7.30pm sharp as stated in invitation card cos 1st time attending Singh wedding mer dont know what to expect so better on time than late. huhu..
Well, it's not so wise choice as gotto wait till arnd 8.30pm only start , lolz. Both of my colls came js on time as they sesat to find the place . haha... It was a new experience for me coz i found out that the main tables for brides was at the middle hall with nice canopy decorations . Guests was shown the photos of bride's using projector. Lots of traditional musics accompany by dancers from s'pore , DJ's and belly dancers while having the meals .
Then managed to took photo with anil and his beautiful wife's of coz. >>
CONGRATS MAN! all d best in exploring marriage life and wish u full of success. @~
Aza Aza Fighting

1st-4th nov '07 Phuketttt Gangbangs @~~

Well , what happen when u put 9 buddies together in a trips. ? A gangbang holidays lor of coz.. lolz =D . So , since it was my 1st time there, everything was interesting for me.. as for my 2 frens who had been here with comps trip became our tour guide . We stay at orchid residence at bangla street .js 9 mins walk to famous happening patong beach...
So, along the streets was sumthing like khao san in bangkok if u been there b4 ,got hawkers , massage centres ,=D, pubs ,disco, alots alotsssa of foods.. lolz. So coincidence we came at right time as there's a foods festival along the beach.. and stage performances by live bands at night. So a big bonus for us! as u can c in the pic. the white tent stall almost arnd 2km stretch..
The beach was amazingly crsytal clear and clean , sands was so softs even in the water . Normally , you will step into rocks or those poking feets things if ya know what i meant. had banana boats ride.. jet skiing.. managed to visits krabi island as well. cool plaace. had seafoods like no body bisz . drink coconut and banana juices as there r d most common arounds . rent a van to visits hotspots around .
okies. in coconutshell =p.. it was a fun place to visit . definitely will come back again depends wif who =) . So Get urself a visit there yoo @~~

Halloween On 27/10/07

Hihi.. after so long, now only can access to blog again in office . Well at home lazy to blog mer only in office got d mood if ya know what i mean. =D

Well just wanna share on the halloween organised by shane and wee lan at the holiday Inn KL > It was a crazy time.. ahah. D 2nd best party ever organizes by her.. foods was great, variety of boozes , crazy minded games.. huhu.. All had lotsa funs..

Darn .. i love those games.. Everyone are so sporting and open minded to play along games prepared by me of cozy lolz .. u can bet alot of 18 SXX & SGG involved. ahah... and sum cant post here coz they will kill me huhu... So to sum it all, it was a blast of awesome time . hihi.. looking forward to nextt partyyy yoo=) Cheers!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Skytrekinng rocksxx @ Bkt Cahaya~~

Wohho.. nice2.. went on sunday morning and all gears looking darn leng jai edy.. up for the skytrekking yeyys.

Mostly was rope courses involved as it was the main equipments to moved you arnd. The gears are harness , tuli , hooks..well v used it alots to stay alive in on top of trees =)

It tooks us arounds 1 hours to finishd whole courses , like climb ladder to 5 storey high tree , walk the wooden steps , hang and wing from rope to another like monkeys aha and fo coz our favs flying fox.. and there was arnd 3 times v did flying fox. wohhhoo.. =)

Will highly recommends to those who loves natures with full of exhilarating and exciting adventures =) It's gonna be a thrills of your lifetime coz it was for us.. Wohoo. SIOKKnye!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ka Hong Wedding Dinner

Yes, it's my cols big day becoming someone husband edy hehe. Mr Ka Hong as you can see in the pic most handsome guy wearing tuxedo and the shinning cloth wrapped his waist ( i dont know what it call - lol).

Well It was held at the oversea restaurant at amcorp mall PJ..
We reach there arnd 7.15pm after stucked in KL for almost 1 hour. A few times decided to stop any neareast LRT station and take lrt to Taman Jaya , wher the place only 5 mins walk. ahha..but anyhow we still go on with driving.=)

So.. Lip Khin( 4th from left), shane (3rd from right ) and me among the earliest to arrive and met with li li whom are smart enough to take LRT ( which is our initial plan =P) . So having said that, reach early was was plus coz u can have a kinda good seats but definetely suffering enough as we have to wait for the rest of the guest to arrive. So, while waiting , we whacked the kacang, then the table gift biscuits coz v are so hungry aha.

Around almost 9pm only started the 1st dish.. fuhh.. i can tell all already over- hunger as 1st dish we also cant finish and the speed was slow aha.. mayb tummy already full of suetchar or air . aha. kay. Yups as v know oversea dishes was not bad so it was not disappointing long wait as it was good foods we have arnd 8 to 9 dishes.

It ended around 10.30pm.. and all with happy and big smile on the everyone faces at my tables. =>> SO it worth the Angpows AfterALL =)

Happy Family Man Ka Hong. Wish you have a happily everafter marriage and next year hope to attend your 1 baby full moon celebration . hehe =')