Sunday, April 13, 2008

Company Anual dinner '08

Held on 28/03/08 at Crowne Plaza, KL.
walking distance from KLCC . Well it's the theme 70's & 80's , that's y u can c our attire was so oldies , retro. and hippiezz.. lolz
Thx to shane for borrowing the afro , I look cool yey, but so aint look like 1 hell of afro guy, just look like the hyde in 70's Show .

Well, it was nice buffets dishes and deco and interior was up to standard. D group photo below was d craziee fellas colls sitting same table and waz havin blast time. huhu. performance was okay la with the Jgn Ketawa Guy always address as girl 1 . dont know what his name tho. aha

All was aiming for the 42 " plasma panasonic tv.. grand lucky draw which happened at almost 12 midnight ahaha . a lady from HR won it i guess aha.

Had fun , rilexs time , crazies moment. enjoying nonstop entertainment and laughters . A Joyful nite indeed. BTW, js for info. i was fall sick for 5 days afterthat.. darn sufferedszzz. haha