Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Do you actually have to pay for See Ham?

As mentioned , I've been charged for See Ham for a Bowl of Curry Mee 1st time in my life..
What the tooot.. haha.. i know it's just a see ham.. but still ..Who pay for Curry Mee seeham.
It always come together 1 package. All this while has been like that . ahha.! ..

When I tell the person , who counted for the meals, she just say , some people dont wanna have see ham 1. What the Heck.. It's d 1 price for a bowl of curry mee no matter u want see ham or not . You cant just add another 50 cents for the see ham that suppose to come with the Curry Mee already in the 1st place.. right..

Somemore keep on promoting that their Curry Mee , you cant find it anywhere else in KL.. hahaah ...Of Coz la, its nonsense stuff. ..
Do you pay for see ham and taugeh when eat char kueh teow
( a wise comparison given by Laura )

Well, as I always practices. U tried once, Wont be a second time. SO Adios U .. See Ham Throat slaughter... lolz =)

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Monday, August 27, 2007

MIX FM $50K!!!

Yes yes.. its RM 50K for grabs among 300 contestants. Wanna Know more just vist www.mix.fm
For You all out there , just take the pictures with the cardboard of , Ika , Serena C and Pietro and upload to www.mix.fm and wait for queues to call for chances to win rm 200 cash just like that .
ALL D bEST to me and everybodyyy!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cup Cake day.. =)

Yups is the date of the year again 27/08.. My Birthday or Borned day or perharps Conceived day...=)

I would like to say thanx to my cols, Mr Ka Hong , Thx for the lovely cupcake and making my day as sweet as our brotherly love. ( haha try to make thing straight. btw he's getting marry next month so it's already stragiht enough) =) Well, am I 25 yrs old or 25 yrs and 9 months old.. yay.. Did u guys ever wonder , that we actually 9 months older from the date we were borned . I know there's are some premature( 8 months ) or postmature ( 10 months )infants but we take the standard 9 months alright. ;')

So now , some of you guys had realised it , eventhough your birthday is today, but you are actually 9 months older and 3 more months you will reach another complete year. Huhu...

How's that sound. ? good or bad?

Well is up to you guys to decide.. coz we are actually became alive to be born to this beautiful yet craziee world from the moment our champions from both sex met, right.. .. and wallla.. here we are. =).. So Get Real and Live Life to the fullest as we are 9 months more matured ( or older) .. haha.. as usual..

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Friday, August 24, 2007

QQ Baby Nicky

Hey ya.. its me again ahah. this time I'm gonna talk about my sis son aka nephew ..cute baby nicky who's just pass 2 years old.
He's very2 cute with big eyes looking at you and will have the baby giggles laugh when you look at him back..yups he's that QQ
Basically he's js resembling to my baby times , how nice you can have worry free and playful moment all the time. By just looking at him, you'll have a natural smile on you face and all the stress or worries will go away.. =)
Baby Nicky is the cutesttt!
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blooddy day..

yups it's the day I went to my buddy comps in Gdex. PJ for their yearly blood donation day . Its my 2nd time as i'm kinda addicted to it I shud say ( is it a bad thing?) aha.. well.
I Feel good when i donated blood, kinda refresh, rejuvenate and revive. Act. its my 4th time in total as i had donated sumwhere else near my office area in KLCC.
Well , Just wanna share with you guys to try at least 1 time and you'll get what I actually really mean. I know some of you afraid of the gigantic needle. Just dont look at it and you'll only feel like ant bite and without u knowing it , the needle will be inside and blood will b flowing nicely to the 450cc of bag.
Just look at me.. >>> cool yeah with peace sumore. haha..
oraits. remember that with a drop of you blood , you can saves many lives out there.. even your own in future. =)
Aza Aza Fighting.

1st blogziee of my life.

WELL .. since I'm kinda free in my office today.. here I am .. manage to find the time at last on 23/08/07 at exactly 4:13pm ( actually 4:14pm but no.4 not so good - haha) to have journey of my life written down for the 1st time. =)

With the help of my special someone name Laura , I had completed it with a breeze,
Thank for your kind support and patience guidance . Appreciated it.

Alrites.. js watchout for more to come.. Aza Aza Fighting~!