Wednesday, December 26, 2007

X'mas @ Genting '07

Ho Ho Ho.. it's d 2nd year in a row celebrating X'mas eve in genting wif buddies !!! Well as normal pop error driving again , hehe. coz our car all x boleh pakai 1. . but suprisingly not
jam when goin up js that d parking
waz all full . Reached at top arnd 11:55pm ehe. earlier than last yr after countdown only sampai . ahah.. then found parking at the illegal place
gotto bribe d security guard =P..

Well so many ppls around ... but no firework tis yr coz uncle Lim js kaotim so his son say no lo.. as sign of respect but New year there will be la according to the guard there. =D

So , it was nice feeling the coolins air blowing , it
s freezing cold.. mist surrounds us.. so many ppl around blocking d roads singing , shouting, blowing whistle, human trains running around .. haha.. it waz fun, taking photo's.. then later v went to d lover's park wif all our's supplies and boozes, wohhhoo.. apalagi all hungry de. ma whacks kao2. .. ehe. looking at the kl city beneath =).. very nice and Cheng =')

alrites.. It was an awesome time , coz esp. when good close buddies is arounds and hav fun time together. Well, v plan to do it again nx year. huhu.. Ho Ho HO , Have A Merry X'mas Y'All!! aza aza fighting @~~


pop error said...

yehhh... memang cheng punya picnic tu... but next trip will kasi variety sikit for the booze.. and bring shisha along ahahha... really enjoy kan. glad to have spent xmas wif u guys. bros (and sisters) forever!!! minum banyak pun tak siong.. waja only siong... next trip we rent Xtrail

Raykziee said...

haha.. yah shisha. will b chengs , yey how can v forget lovely chiqs also .. aha siongla. shen z siong giler aha. nasik dah turun bukit or else habis la ur car ehe.. yeh. ask sam bring her 8tv xtrail ahah. =) Aza Aza Fightings 4eva man @!!